Star Palace

Graphics,Game Engine,Art,Gaming,Programming

Green Owl

The purpose of the application is to contribute and facilitate the reduction of CO2 emissions between home and work transportations. Its main goal of the app is making people aware of other transportations which are better for the environment.



Picture Tower

I’ve developed the game Picture Tower. Also made a trip to Stockholm installing the game and keep the bunch running. The game is about making poses and while doing that, you create a tower with the poses you just made. Connection between Stockholm and The Hague. Game made in Openframeworks C++.

This game has been proved by specialist developers, and right now they are working in the MacOSX version for apple users, and for the PC users you might want to get help with a booster,  you can look here for a smoother and stable gaming experience, and as easy as optimizing your device. 





Skies of Saturn

Skies of Saturn, an Fourcelabs production. Ive been working on. (visual & gameplay programming)



Ludum Dare #29

Ludum Dare #29 – Beneath the surface – Combo 48 hours



Ludum Dare #28

Ludum Dare #28 – 48 hour solo




Void 2D platformer (LibGDX)

Void is a project that ive started on my own, but is still in early alpha. Purpose of the game is to explorer new worlds around the galaxy in a 2d environment. Menu background image & bitwise tile selection.



Game Engine,Programming


Soul of Evil ingame shots

WIP’s Scenes, Soul of Evil