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moncler chicago Striker Andy Carroll is fit again and could come into contention along with Jack Wilshere, who is back in training.Zabaleta is a big part of The Players’ Project, a West Ham scheme to educate people on areas from health and fitness to social issues in the local community.”For the players it’s a huge moment to spend some time with local people,” said the Argentina star.”To talk to them. To listen to their experiences and to see how important it is do activities.”As a sportsman you can always inspire people and at least if they can do it twice or three times a week, eat healthily to reduce any risk, then it is good.”Fantasy football tips: 5 players to pick and 5 to avoid in Gameweek 13Zabalata will be hoping to stop his old City team mate Sergio Aguero from adding to the eight goals which make him the Premier League’s leading scorer so far this season.”He is one of the best strikers in Premier League history without a doubt,” he said. “One hundred and fifty goals so far and he cannot stop scoring.”He looks fit, cheap moncler jackets he looks sharp and has signed another year. moncler chicago

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